Home Health A man dropped 20 kg after a fiasco in the store: photo

A man dropped 20 kg after a fiasco in the store: photo


The Indian decided to live to the fullest, including without limiting himself in goodies, but disgraced himself.

The man took up himself and lost 20 kilograms after embarrassment in the store. His story is told by the Times of India.

A resident of the Indian city of Hyderabad, 33-year-old programmer Sudhir Goswami decided to live to its fullest. He did not limit himself to food and as a result recovered almost to a centner.

Once Goswami went to the store with his lover to choose a new suit. When all the clothes were small Indian, he decided to lose weight. The man began to adhere to a strict diet and exercise six days a week for one and a half to two hours. He also plays badminton three times a week.

Goswami also refused sweets and was able to lose 20 kilograms in seven months. A man wakes up early in the morning and remembers all the good moments of his life so as not to lose motivation.

The Indian shared his menu for the day. So, in the morning, Goswami eats five boiled proteins, two slices of brown bread, peanut butter and one fruit. Then the man eats carrots, beets, fried chicken with vegetables and peanut salad. For lunch, he has fried fish with vegetables, before training – black coffee with almonds, and after – a protein shake.

Earlier it was reported that a woman shared the secret of losing weight by 92 kg. The Correspondent also wrote that the British had 6 kg of excess skin after losing weight.

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