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Coronavirus victory: Orenburg refused to play with Krasnodar


Orenburg refused to go to the match of the Russian Premier League (RPL) against Krasnodar and agreed to a technical defeat, because due to the outbreak of coronavirus it can’t put up the main squad and does not want to play as a youth team. Orenburg coach Konstantin Paramonov expressed hope that Rospotrebnadzor would allow the main team to enter the field, with the exception of those infected, but this did not happen. Meanwhile, it became known about possible concessions for the “Rostov” and “Dynamo”.

Orenburg devastatingly lost COVID-19

Orenburg refused to play with Krasnodar as part of the 24th round of the Russian Premier League (RPL) due to an outbreak of coronavirus in its ranks. Thus,

the team will suffer the first technical loss in the history of football due to COVID-19 – it will be awarded a loss with a score of 0: 3.

Considering that at the moment Konstantin Paramonov’s wards are in the relegation zone, and after this “techie” they will have only five matches to correct the situation, the situation seems hopeless – “Orenburg” can be called the first candidate to say goodbye to the top division.

Krasnodar has already expressed sympathy for the opponents.

“We wish the football players and all the staff of the Orenburg football club health and a speedy return to the rhythm of the game,” reads the post on the official Twitter in black and green.

It was impossible to postpone the match from Orenburg – Krasnodar to the only free date – July 19, because the bulls had already agreed to hold the game against Dynamo that day, where they had found infected football players on June 20 – and asked for a transfer earlier.

And Orenburg itself refused to play against the “bulls” by the youth team, as it did in the previous round of “Rostov” in the match with “Sochi”.

“Our youth team did not train and will not be able to provide proper resistance to the guests (the RPL youth championship was stopped ahead of schedule, therefore, classes for young football players were not held. -“ Gazeta.Ru ”). We respect our rival Krasnodar, the matches with which have always been of a fundamental sporting nature, and do not want to put our Krasnodar colleagues before the difficult choice of postponing a match or playing with a youth team.

“Such a football will not be interesting to the fans and, in our opinion, will cause reputation damage both to our club and to all Russian football.”

Finally, Orenburg apologized to the fans and promised that it would continue to prepare for the next match (against the Urals on July 1) and hope that the team would be allowed to see it. However, the probability of this is very small.

According to the current medical regulations of the RPL, created specifically to end the season in a pandemic, not only those who are infected, but also those who have contacted them at least minimally, should go to 14-day quarantine. With such a strict definition of the contact group, the entire team immediately goes to self-isolation – after all, any player can intersect with the diseased during a two-way match.

The leadership of the RPL and the Russian Football Union (RFU) have already appealed to Rospotrebnadzor with a request to soften this regulation and quarantine only carriers of the virus, and all those who received a test with a negative result should be allowed to practice and matches. Or, at worst, isolate only those who have been in close contact with infected people for more than 15 minutes, which can be tracked by gps trackers.

It was expected that by the beginning of the 24th round Rospotrebnadzor would give its answer, however, official information has not yet appeared.

The head coach of Orenburg Paramonov hoped until the last for a happy outcome and a couple of hours before the announcement of the withdrawal he said that he did not know anything about the technical defeat.

“We still hope that they will let us play with the permission of Rospotrebnadzor. Today we are passing tests, as well as the leadership, ”the Championship expert quoted as saying.

However, Rospotrebnadzor, obviously, did not give permission. According to SE, the agency has still not approved the amendments to the medical regulations. And with such a massive infection, as in Orenburg, to soften the regime, at least for this club would be very risky.

Lokomotiv threatened?

Orenburg played its previous match five days ago in Moscow against Lokomotiv, which means that the railroad may also be at risk. However, Paramonov assures that all the positive test results were obtained after the game with red-green.

“We took tests on arrival at the Orenburg airport. After that we learned that some players have positive results, ”explained the coach.

The sports director of the team, Dmitry Andreev, has slightly different information – he clarifies that the check at the airport also did not detect the virus and that the infection occurred later.

“48 hours before the game with the“ Locomotive ”passed the tests. Everything was fine. Played the match, flew in. At the airport they passed the test – negative. And two days before the match with “Krasnodar” “shot”. How so? We flew by charter. The hotel is our entire floor, nobody is there … All in masks, all in gloves. Perhaps they could only get infected at the airport … I don’t know, but we complied with the regulations, ”Andreev says.

This story resembles a good detective, however, Lokomotiv did not wait for a dramatic denouement and on June 24 voluntarily sat down for self-isolation at a club base. Perhaps something red-green already became known about the situation in Orenburg.

Fortunately, Muscovites have not had positive test results so far – Anatoly Meshcheryakov, chairman of the Lokomotiv board of directors, officially announced this.

“In accordance with the rules of renewal of the RPL, the team passes the tests the day before the game. Accordingly, Orenburg came to us to play clean and healthy players. Where they got it later, I don’t know anymore. But I can say that with us, pah-pah-pah, everything is fine, there are no patients, ”Meshcheryakova quotes the“ Championship ”.

Is Rostov waiting for a second beating?

Valery Karpin’s team, which, due to quarantine of the main team, was forced to put up a junior squad and suffered a severe defeat from Sochi (1:10) in the previous round, should play with Tula Arsenal on June 27.

If we count the beginning of the 14-day quarantine from June 17, when it became known that Rostov was leaving for self-isolation, then the main yellow-blue squad will still be unavailable for this match.

However, according to Match TV, the Don club will still play the basis – naturally, with the exception of six infected players. The Championship explains this by saying that Rospotrebnadzor decided to count the quarantine in the club from June 12 – and just in time for the game with Arsenal these two weeks should end.

What will happen to the Dynamo Derby – CSKA

As part of Dynamo, three players received positive coronavirus test results – Charles Cabore, Sebastian Szymanski and Clinton N`Zhye. Kabore is already in the hospital, the fate of Szymanski is unknown, but there are questions about the N’Zhye test – in some laboratories he shows a negative result.

At the same time, the rest of the blue-and-white composition is definitely healthy and has been locked up for a week at the club base. It is reported that, taking into account all circumstances, Rospotrebnadzor will meet Dynamo and allow it to play on June 27 with CSKA main squad.

A similar situation occurred earlier in Ufa, where striker Andres Vombergar passed the dubious test. Since there was no confidence in his infection and the rest were healthy, the team was allowed to play with Tambov. Thus,

according to the medical regulations, there is still no clarity, however, if the situation with infections in the team is taken under control, Rospotrebnadzor finds ways to allow the base to the match.

It is also reported that players of all RPL clubs may be obliged to close at training bases before the end of the championship in order to minimize the risk of infection. This initiative was supported by the honorary president of the RFU, Vyacheslav Koloskov.

“There is a clear regulation of the RFU and Rospotrebnadzor, how football players, coaches, and service personnel should behave. And now … Someone is walking somewhere, leaving, talking. Even when I was allowed to play, I expressed my position – to urgently close everyone at the bases and start training from June 1. There is no other way.

Here we are blamed for actions abroad, but there the discipline is different. Here is another reason – people are negligent in the implementation of the regulations. For this reason, disruptions are obtained “,

– quoted by Koloskov RIA “Novosti”.


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