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CSKA only needs emotions to defeat Spartak – and it’s real


The upcoming derby for CSKA is not just a moment of truth, but a real milestone. Now the army team is at a fork: one road leads to global change, the other will allow for some time to do without serious shocks. That is, if Victor Gancharenko after his breakdown, he will be able to raise a team to battle with Spartak and achieve an acceptable result, life will begin to improve. Otherwise, the Belarusian specialist will not save anything from dismissal, albeit not immediately, but at the end of the season – for sure.

A change of coach at CSKA is always an emergency. Evgeny Giner does not like fundamental changes in this position. Gancharenko is completely convenient for him: cheap, he doesn’t ask for transfers, he brought the result until recently. Any other specialist after the appointment, one way or another, will ask to strengthen the roster, well, or just sign a couple of friends of the players.

The army boss does not need this headache, although it is obvious that Gancharenko can hardly give anything new to the players who are at his disposal. Fedor Chalov I lost the rest of my confidence, and the coach’s educational measures that worked last season no longer apply to this striker. Ivan Oblyakov turned into a template player squeezed by the boundaries of a specific position. Ilzat Akhmetov he could not fully reveal himself as an opornik. Lost its former luster even Nikola Vlašić.

CSKA, like Gancharenko, is in a creative impasse. There are always two ways out of such situations: a breakup or a powerful psychological shake. CSKA have not won the RPL since November. Now ask – it is unlikely that one of the CSKA players will remember who they then beat. A protracted series of setbacks, the failure of a coach – all this greatly annoys the players, because of which discipline has floated (two deletions in recent matches are the main indicator).

And, paradoxical as it may sound, the match with Spartak is exactly what the army team needs right now. Defeat in the main derby of Russia cannot radically worsen the position of CSKA. A victory or a military draw obtained in a beautiful emotional cabin can pull a team out of a nervous state.

Gancharenko, as an experienced trainer, perfectly understands this situation and feels the moment. He decided to return for a reason. Viktor Mikhailovich had plenty of time to carefully think and weigh everything. He realized in what situation he drove himself with his demarche after playing with Zenit. If the Belarusian specialist was not sure that he could communicate with the players, he would write a statement on his own.

Some insiders tried to rumor that Goncharenko did not control the locker room at all, had no contact with experienced players, etc. I repeat, if everything was really so, he would not come back. Viktor Mikhailovich feels that his team has a chance to break out of this state.

And the Belarusian coach probably spent these two days before the derby on psychological work with the team. He tried to raise everyone to the battle. The main question is – will CSKA win in the end, but will the players follow the coach? If the army team rolls the ball with fresh faces in the match against Spartak, Goncharenko can again buy tickets to Minsk.

In this match, everything will be decided not by tactics, depth of composition or physical condition, but by emotions. Red and white will have no problems with this aspect. Command Domenico Tedesco could make gross tactical and technical errors, lose matches, but you can’t blame her for amorphism. Spartak, led by a German coach, looks alive and still under construction by the team. This is his main weakness.

CSKA, on the contrary, is a played team with established tactics and a set of experienced performers who, at decisive moments, must make a result, in key positions. The match against Spartak is the very moment when you need to ask the leaders: Igor Akinfeev, Mario Fernandez Nikola Vlašić. Gancharenko has helped them more than once during his time at CSKA. Now the moment has come when leaders must pull their coach, if they still trust him.

Particularly dramatic, incredible sharpness and importance of the moment – all this should charge the army for a good battle. Tactics, attitudes, skill – all by. Only sports fury and the desire to smash the opponent in any way will save CSKA in the form in which we are accustomed to it. Players must understand this.



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