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Merkel assured that she respects quarantine measures


The head of government of Germany puts on a mask in a store and does not enjoy protection only if the distance is respected.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed that she was following the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute of Virology and putting on a mask while shopping. She announced this on June 29 at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, writes TASS.

So, to the journalist’s question, why the chancellor never appears in public in a protective mask, Merkel emphasized that when observing the distance she was not needed.

“If I follow the generally accepted rules of distance, I don’t need a mask. But when I go to make purchases, we obviously don’t see you, and you could see me in a mask. Of course, I follow the recommended procedure and, for sure , there will still be opportunities to see me in a mask, “the politician said.

She also noted that lessons should be learned from the coronavirus crisis, because the fact that “we do not see the virus does not mean that it has left.

Recall that the negotiations between Merkel and Mkron took place in the government residence of Meseberg near Berlin. This is the first meeting of two leaders since the pandemic in Europe.

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