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Tesla produces the most low-quality cars – experts

Tesla produces the most low-quality cars - experts

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Tesla took the last 250th place in the ranking

Analysts ranked automobile companies for the quality of new cars. Most of all were complaints from Tesla customers. But there are practically no complaints from the owners of Dodge, Kia and Chevrolet.

The rating of automobile companies on the quality of new cars was compiled by experts from J.D. Power Dodge leads the list, with Tesla in last place.

Auto quality rating was based on the number of complaints per 100 cars. Experts interviewed nearly 1.3 thousand owners of electric vehicles in 35 US states.

Tesla first hit the list. According to experts from J.D. Power, the company produces the most low-quality cars. So, there are 250 complaints per hundred electric cars collected. However, in J.D. Power emphasized that this information is unofficial because in 15 US states Tesla does not allow interviewing its customers.

Nevertheless, it turned out that most often the owners of electric cars of the company Ilona Mask complain about the gaps between the body panels, the color and creaking of plastic in the cabin.

Due to these and other complaints, Tesla was in the last place in the ranking – 250th.

The top ten auto companies producing new high-quality vehicles look like this:


Recall that the most expensive car company in the world is named. Shares of the company Ilona Mask for the six months soared almost 2.5 times.

Korrespondent.net also wrote that a rating of the most reliable mileage crossovers has been compiled.

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