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The Briton was numb due to stress and spoke with an accent: photo


The rarest disease “took” the English woman’s speechlessness and completely changed her ability to express thoughts.

The Englishwoman was numb for several months, and spoke with four foreign accents. It is reported by the publication Metro.

Emily Egan, a resident of the English county of Essex, began to suffer from headaches. Soon her speech slowed and became illegible. Doctors conducted research, excluding a stroke and not finding the causes of the disease.

Three weeks later, Egan was completely speechless. She went with her lover on vacation, where she again began to speak just five days later. But the Englishwoman’s speech acquired an Eastern European accent, then French and Italian. During stress, an Englishwoman speaks with a Russian accent.

Doctors diagnosed Egan with a “foreign accent syndrome” – a rare speech disorder that appeared due to brain damage.

The Englishwoman complains that she can no longer speak and think as before. Her knowledge of English deteriorated despite the fact that she had lived all her life in Britain.

Egan noted that the seller in the store shouted at her, saying that “because of such foreigners” a coronavirus appeared in the country.

Earlier it was reported that the British pregnancy was a deadly disease. The Correspondent also wrote that a member of Miss Universe had her leg amputated.


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