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The first freight ones: freight trains went along the Crimean bridge


Railway freight traffic launched on Krymsky bridge

The first two freight trains drove along the Crimean bridge. The head of the Crimea, the Governor of Sevastopol and the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation took part in the opening ceremony of the freight traffic along the railway crossing. The bridge capacity allows transporting 13 million tons of cargo per year.

Minister of Transport of the Russian FederationEugene Dietrichreported the first two trains that passed along the Crimean bridge after the launch of a freight rail link with the mainland. His words are conveyed by RIA Novosti.

The head of the department emphasized that due to the opening of the movement, freight turnover will increase, and the cost of transportation of basic goods will decrease by 50%. Among the goods, he named grain, oil products, building materials, fertilizers and pipes.

The head of the Crimea Sergey also participated in the opening ceremony of the cargo movementAksenovand the Sevastopol governorMikhail Razvozhaev. The Crimean leader noted that freight trains that go to the Crimea and back are an important contribution to the development of the regional economy and “an excellent gift for Crimeans on the occasion of voting on constitutional amendments.”

Aksenov also added that now Crimea is no different from other regions of the Russian Federation. In addition, the head of the republic spoke about the bridge’s throughput – 12 pairs of freight trains can pass through it per day.

“This will make it possible to transport 13 million tons of cargo per year,” he concluded, expressing hope for a related reduction in food prices in Crimea.

Speaker of the Crimean Parliament VladimirKonstantinovnoted that the launch of freight traffic on the Crimean bridge will help restore the peninsula to its former economic power. He also criticized the transport blockade of Crimea, which the Ukrainian authorities have established since 2014.

“Ukraine deprived Crimea of ​​railway communication, having made one of the attempts of transport blockades, but we withstood it,” Konstantinov emphasized.

The Crimean bridge is the longest in Europe and Russia, its length is 19 km. Passenger traffic on its railway part was launched at the end of 2019 – from that moment, trains crossed the Kerch Strait more than 500 times, transporting more than a quarter of a million passengers.

On December 25, the first passenger train arriving in Sevastopol crossed the bridge. At the station in the capital of Crimea – Simferopol – he was met by several hundred citizens with music and flowers.

The launch of railway traffic through the Kerch Strait caused a stormy international reaction. The EU and the US condemned the launch of trains, calling it “disrespect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.” The Ukrainian “prosecutor’s office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea”, which is part of the prosecutor general of Ukraine, opened a criminal case in connection with the passage of the first passenger train through the Crimean bridge.

In Moscow and the Crimea, in response, they called on Ukraine and the Western countries to abandon the policy of double standards and move on to a constructive dialogue. Crimea became part of Russia in 2014 following a nationwide referendum in which more than 90% of voters supported the reunification of the peninsula with the Russian Federation. The President of the Russian Federation has repeatedly emphasized that the issue of Crimea’s membership is “closed forever” – Crimeans made their choice.

Subsequently, Vladimir Putin said that the Crimean bridge can stand for hundreds of years, if properly maintained. According to the president, driving along the Crimean bridge, he felt delight and a feeling of deep satisfaction with a job well done.

“Infrastructure facilities such as the grand bridge that you built will affect the entire economy,” he said to the workers, thanking for the construction of the crossing.

The bridge was also opened personally for the movement of carsPutinin the middle of May 2018. The president got behind the wheel of an orange KamAZ truck with Russian tricolors in the cockpit and drove from Taman to the Crimea.

Putin called the opening day of the bridge historic – because “under the tsar-priest, and in the thirties of the last century, in the forties, in the fifties” they returned to the idea of ​​building a bridge to the Crimea – and now the “miracle happened.”

Russian emperorNicholas IIconsidered the idea of ​​designing a bridge across the island of Tuzla in 1903, but the Russo-Japanese War and the 1905 revolution prevented the implementation of a large-scale infrastructure project. Subsequently, the bridge could not be built due to the First World War, the October Revolution and the Civil War.



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