Home News Trump said he is very angry with China

Trump said he is very angry with China

Trump said he is very angry with China

US President Donald Trump

The American leader’s anger will increase as he calculates the losses caused by the pandemic to the United States, he said online.

US President Donald Trump is increasingly angry with China over the spread of coronavirus worldwide. This was announced by the leader of the States on Tuesday, June 30, his Twitter.

Trump stressed that, in particular, the pandemic has caused enormous damage to the United States. Seeing this, he is “more and more angry at China,” wrote the head of the White House on social networks.

Trump has repeatedly accused China of spreading a coronavirus infection and hiding information about an outbreak of the virus.

Earlier, during an election rally in Arizona, Donald Trump proposed calling the Kung Flu coronavirus, deciding to beat the name of Chinese Kung Fu martial art. He also stated that he could list 19 or 20 virus names. Some of them are associated with China, for example, “Chinese virus”, “Wuhan.”

China must answer for COVID pandemic – Trump

Recall, the US president believes that China is responsible for starting the coronavirus epidemic. Washington accuses Beijing of hiding information about the origin of COVID-19 and the extent of infection.

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